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Международная выставка «История», г. Тимишуаре, Румыния, 16-20 декабря


The Interdepartamental Philatelic Exhibition ISTORIA 2014



1.The Philatelic Exhibition ISTORIA 2014, is marking 25 years from the Romanian Revolution start in Timişoara at the end of 1989. He Organizing Committee are in title to change the Class of the Exhibition from Interdepartmental to National one in case of fulfilment imposed by the Organizing Regulations of FFR (number of exhibits and panels, area of representation).

2.The exhibit is organised by : Asociaţia Filatelică Timişoara together with Consiliul Judeţean Timiş, during 16- 20 December 2014, at Cercul Militar in Timişoara.

3.The Exhibition ISTORIA 2014 is opened for participation of Romanian and Foreign exhibitors, being organized with respect of the “Regulamentul de Organizare a Expoziţiilor Filatelice din România” and the present “Regulament”.

4.Participation is free for philatelists from Associations or groups affiliated to FFR, or foreign exhibitors, with thematic exhibits. At the same time participation is free for postal history, maximaphily, fiscal, Open, 1 panel, carto exhibits without restriction of subject. A literature class is admitted too.

5.The exhibition has the following classes:

         5.1.Honour class – exhibits of organising committee members or jury.

         5.2.Competitive classes – adults and youth according of the type of exhibits.

6.Participation of exhibits is free. The postal costs are for the exhibitors when sending the exhibit and for organizators for return.

7.The minimum number of panels in competition are 5 for adults and 3 for youth (15 sheets A4 per panel).

8.The applications will be sent till 1 November 2014 to the Address: Asociaţia Filatelică Timişoara, CP 204, OP 1 Timişoara, or pe mail at : mariusvasilem@yahoo.com.

9.The exhibits will be sent at the same address till 05 December 2014.

10.The exhibition sheets, will come in envelopes grouped as panels, protected by plastic covers. On the back side, the name of the exhibitor has to be written. An inventory will be added for each exhibit.

IMPORTANT: For exhibitors from abroad, we accept colour Xerox copies instead of originals, having each sheet on back side, the certification of the local philatelic organisation.

11.The Organizing Committee will return the exhibits till 10 January 2015 (post date).

12.For the Exhibition we will realize: Catalogue, Diplomas, Postal Stationary with homologated stamps. All materials will be distributed free of charge to each exhibitor.

13.The jury will be formed by 3 members. The jury will award maximum Large Vermeil for adults and Large Silver for youth. In case the Exhibition is declared “National” the maximum of distinction will be Gold and Vermeil.

14.During the period of the exhibition a “Târg Filatelic şi al Colecţionarilor” (Market) will be organized.

15.The contact address of the Organizing Committee is:

Asociaţia Filatelică Timişoara

CP 204, OP1 Timişoara

Tel.0722- 594608 (Marius Muntean)

Mail – mariusvasilem@yahoo.com


 Comitetul de Organizare


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